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On August 26th 1920, American women won the right to vote. At mono, we commemorate this significant milestone in our nation’s history by celebrating Women’s Equality Day.

Despite the great progress our country has made over the past century, including the long-overdue Voting Rights Act of 1965 which extended voting rights to women of color, this year was riddled with attacks on all women—by politicians, pop culture figures, social media personalities, even other women. mono gathered a series of these negative statements (ranging from women in sports and the gender pay gap to the nationwide Women’s March and feminists), broke them down and reconstructed them into empowering messages.

On Saturday, August 26th we’ll be giving away 100 prints on the site for free on a first come, first serve basis. Each print will generate a $10 donation to the Women’s Foundation’s girlsBEST, a program of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, whose mission to drive gender and racial equity includes removing roadblocks to girls’ future economic success, like sexism, low wages, and job discrimination.

Hate exists, but art persists.

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