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Just asking? Will the women’s protest be over in time for them to cook dinner? – John Carman, New Jersey GOP official


Alea Toussaint

Artist Statement:

2.9 million people participated in the women's march. They marched for so many reasons, among them equality. After the march, a Republican official from New Jersey named John Carman posted this question in a meme to Facebook, mocking and belittling the hard work that was put into the march and undercutting the reasons for it.

I wanted to take his quote and destroy it. I used the "Just asking?" part because sometimes sexism is positioned as being innocuous. It tries to blend in as normal discourse, as an innocent question or even a compliment. “Just asking” is not meant genuinely. It is obviously intended to troll a group of women that John Carman has no respect for.

Comments like these are meant to keep women "in their place" and to make them feel lesser. I used flour as the medium to connect with cooking, and then destroyed the idea that we are only meant to make dinner. By having women's shoes walk on top of the words, I slowly destroyed them and took our power back.

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