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If it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down. – Todd Akin, former Missouri Congressman


Alea Toussaint

Artist Statement:

Former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is not a doctor. A fact he revealed with his shockingly offensive belief that “legitimate rape” pregnancies have the power to self-abort. There is a lot to unpack in his quote, but perhaps most alarming is his use of the word “legitimate." Todd clearly has no idea about the very real trauma women endure in cases of rape. His comments highlight the ignorance and victim-blaming that are so prevalent in our society. By calling some rapes "legitimate", he is also saying that some rapes aren't.

Todd clearly needs a lesson on how women's reproductive systems work. We don't have an on-off switch to prevent conception in cases of rape. I took his quote, wrote it on a balloon and let the comment go, showing that his words are just hot air.

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